Zend Framework

Flexible and Scalable Framework for Perfect Web Solutions

Make high-performing PHP apps using Zend framework

Zend is an open-source framework that enables to create robust and dynamic apps on the PHP platform.

  • It supports different databases like MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL
  • Enables to complete multiple projects quickly and efficiently
  • Enables PHP developers to speed up the development and complete large development projects faster

Zend Framework

Four features


Extensible Framework

Zend incorporates a flexible architecture that can be molded according to the different preferences. PHP developers have the freedom to use the framework components separately or combine them to suit various business needs.

Enterprise Ready

Since there is a company behind the Zend Framework, paid developers are constantly maintaining, testing and releasing new features. Moreover, third party components can be easily integrated, and provides excellent support and consulting services.


This framework uses the MVC model-Model-View-Controller, which makes it simple to distribute the development task into different segments like business logic, data access layers, and presentation.

Secured Framework

This framework provides authentication, input validation & input filtering, SQL Security, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Protection, session management security.
  • Why Softweb Solutions

    • Our team of PHP developers have been creating web applications using Zend Framework that are scalable, flexible and secure
    • We excel in providing high-quality application using this innovative framework
    • Our solutions have enabled clients to have a competitive advantage in the industry
  • Our Capabilities and Services

    Zend has multiple capabilities for developing rich applications that accounts for agile web development process. It is a popular framework used extensively in IT companies. We provide:

    • Zend Framework Application Development
    • Zend Framework Implementation
    • Zend Framework Customization

Key Benefits for Zend Framework

  • Rich in-built library for hybrid website development
  • Rapid web development
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Fluent interfaces and abstract classes
  • Scalable over a period of time
  • Model-view-controller architecture
  • Supports numerous databases
  • Internationalization
  • Web services- use classes to publish and consume web services and feeds in PHP
  • Foundation framework services, provides many other classes to make common application development tasks quick and easy

Key Benefits for Zend Framework

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