Struts Framework

Developing Struts based Applications that Utilize MVC Architecture

Create robust, scalable, and dynamic apps with Struts framework

Struts-An open source web application framework for developing Java EE Web applications based on the Servlet and Java Server Pages [JSP] technologies.

  • Web apps specifically based on JSP combine various components such as database code, page design code and control flow code.
  • Practically if these components are separated, then the large apps become more complicated and more difficult to maintain.

Struts Framework

Key Features

Key Features

  • Integration : It easily integrates with other related frameworks like spring, extending the capability of Struts.
  • Simple Navigation : Struts make the best navigation feature available to its users.
  • Tag Support : It is easy to modify and maintain different tags using Struts and newer codes involve less code to be developed.
  • Flexible and extendable : There are many plugins available to extend the basic functionality of Struts.
  • Large user community : Struts has a wide community of users and developers who keep innovating on this platform.

Key Benefits


MVC Framework

It’s an architecture that separates the representation of information from the user’s interaction with it. Enables developers to focus more on the business logic and spend less time to understand the overall system layout.


Easy Configuration

Struts provides a framework, which eliminates the need to modify or recompile the Java code once written, from making changes in the basic structure. Big changes can be done through editing a file.


Open Source Framework

Being an open source framework, it proves to be a cost-effective platform to develop robust apps. Also, it’s used and tested by millions of people all over the world.



Struts framework provides all the necessary resources to perform customized actions. Developers only need to create an Action, a Form, and JSP for adding a different functionality.


Java Technologies

Struts framework uses the standard Java technologies – Java Servlets, JSP, and other open source libraries, which makes it possible to host Struts projects on any Java Enterprise web server


Feature-rich Framework

It has a variety of features that makes it a vibrant and high-performing framework. The learning curve involved is manageable, facilitating developers to complete the development project within a short span of time.

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