Social Business Collaboration

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Social collaboration is a process by which multiple people interact with each other and share valuable information in order to achieve a common task.

Social Business Collaboration Solutions enables-

  • Employees within an organization can improve efficiency, solve problems, create opportunities, and drive innovation
  • Transfer knowledge and expertise to drive business opportunities
  • It enables employees to exchange varied thoughts, ideas, and resources in a way that is an integrated part of business processes

Social Business Collaboration


Social Dashboard

Personalized home page with configurable components, widgets, & live information making it easy for each user to create an experience that suits their need.


Visible Activity Stream

Real time activity across projects & conversations can be seen with ease letting the user make informative & reasonable business decisions


Content Creation & Integration

Creating and sharing content with a collaboration of tools and integration with other third-party portals & APIs so that the information is evenly available through out the organization.


Enable Workspaces

Access to secure environment created for each functional team, which helps each team member to update and give feedback making the workflow smoother.
  • Benefits

    • Faster access to knowledge
    • Organized information
    • Enables idea, opinion and knowledge sharing
    • Higher rate of employee satisfaction
    • Operational cost savings
    • Greater ability to access internal experts
    • Reduced travelling cost
    • Develops social interaction skills
    • Enhances self management skills
    • Communication barrier is reduced to significant level


  • Why need Social business collaboration?

    Why need Social business collaboration?

    • Social business collaboration tools enables to define clear targets, engage customers, and build a strong brand value
    • Enables sales personnel to connect with clients and build sustained relationships
    • Stay connected to your customers and team on the go
    • Facilitates to learn on the move pattern and provides real-time data access
  • Collaborative solutions

    • Leverage the social media platform to connect with businesses
    • Business networking solutions for real-time communication
    • Provide effective customer service for better client retention
    • Create transparency in the organizational environment, making it employee-friendly

    Collaborative solutions

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