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A Comprehensive Website to Collaborate With Leading Industry Manufacturers

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  • A search feature to perform a search smoothly and get all necessary updated information
  • Direct communication between members and association with popular members
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Very visual, and students can see the application of science in the real world
  • Showcases the application empowering your workforce and simplifying your IT requirements.
  • This enables your workforce advantage fully engaged communication not possible via one-dimensional written or audio-only media.
  • Showcase applications that support the speed and reliability needed to run a cutting-edge converged voice and data network.
  • Search engine friendly website development
  • A number of advertising spaces were incorporated which can be used to generate revenues for the site.

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Business Situation

The client, TSG – the premier communications solutions provider nationally and internationally. TSG has a broad base of experience across different verticals of industries. The website would have a number of categories including, Product news, interviews, and agony aunt sections. The site would automatically manage the contents in each section to come up with them in a highlighted area. The website needed to include an approval process to guarantee the client could maintain quality and only permit the best contents to be made live. The website had to control the uploading of images into multiple elements of differing dimensions. The website would have to allow specific contents to be tagged as presented and they would appear in the top banner instantly. The website design needed to be engaging but straightforward to appear as high as possible on SERP on different search engines.

Business Solution

We have incorporated numerous advertising spaces, which can be used to generate revenues for the site. The back-end system allows admin to login and submit contents using unique credentials. They’re able to return and edit any contents, which can be in “draft” or “live” mode. The front-end has some specific coding that requires a GUI to publish the content properly for the users. The banner and emphasize areas can be randomly chosen from the large volume of valid content for each section and display them. This included an image, caption, and link to the full content. We build the system, which is very SEO friendly. We therefore dynamically create “friendly” URLs utilizing the title of the content as the source. This enables Google to index meaningful content instead of meaningless database referrals.

Through user-friendly navigation and links, we gave visitors fast and simple access to relevant information and multiple opportunities to get in touch. The end results are unique, robust online presence that used the culture and strengths of the firm with good website design to increase awareness. This website showcases how TSG is offering communications solutions, which are addressing their potential customer’s business imperatives.

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