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Softweb developed an online food ordering system and a mobile app with multiple features, which facilitates the general public to place a food order from anywhere and at any time.

  • The solution equips users to place an order from their nearest location
  • Adroitly manage current and previous food orders, facilitating increased convenience to customers
  • Includes a variety of restaurants and choice of cuisines
  • Customers can customize orders according to the registered restaurants
  • Supports multiple payment options to enable customers to make hassle- free payments
  • The client can update menus online and manage business efficiently

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Business Situation

Kaothon International is a leading Company that provides Tasty Click services in a secure mode. It aims at making online services accessible to everyone for a convenient lifestyle. The client wanted Softweb to develop an online food ordering system with multiple features. This system was to facilitate the general public to place a food order from anywhere and at any time.

Business Solution

Softweb fulfilled all the client’s requirements and developed an online portal and mobile application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms.

  • We incorporated facility in the online portal and mobile app to order online from the nearest location.
  • We also provided facility to manage previous and current orders.
  • With our online portal and mobile app, user can get details of the multiple restaurant and menus to choose favorite food.

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