Mobile based Activity Tracking Application Development for a Leading Water Hauling Services Provider

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  • This iOS Solution will help Shalewater Company to completely mobilize their manual work which will help to increase their business productivity.
  • It facilitates drivers to update themselves with different pick-up and drop-off locations on the move with the help of integrated Map.
  • It instantly throw alerts to truck drivers if water withdrawal is prohibited by collecting up-to-date information from government based website.

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Business Situation

Shalewater desired a mobile application for their company to completely mobilize their business work processes.

The main objective of building this iOS application is to keep a continuous track of all their trucks with the help of integrated location tracking system along with other details like amount of water carried by the truck, destination of the truck, pick-up points, and much more.

Business Solution

With this solution, individual trucks and Locations will have QR codes by which complete details of all the trucks will be tracked. It is unified with 3 different modules – Active users, Passive users, and Administrator. The application works according to the type of login done.

Administrator can create reports on the app which can be shared with all active users to provide them detailed up-to-date information.

With the help of this application, truck drivers can view all required locations [pick-up and drop-off points] from their mobile devices. We have integrated map in this application to make easier for drivers to locate for specific location on the move. Also, it throws alerts for drivers if the water level is low and the government site displays red mark, which means water withdrawal is prohibited.



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