Incredible Task Management System for Optimum Efficiency

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  • Enables to handle and manage multiple tasks efficiently
  • Incorporated Quartz plug-in for the automatic delivery of reports and organized work processes
  • Job information is stored in the database for managing efficiently
  • Live auction website to facilitate the sale and purchase of items, connecting buyers and sellers
  • Enables to plan dairy work of employees for higher productivity

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Business Situation

The client wanted an innovatively designed solution for the smooth operations of their work processes. They required a system that would automatically generate reports on a daily basis and send it to the concerned person. We had to create a system that would work on its own, without any supervision.

The client also wanted that the jobs/rules that were created should not be deleted, even when the system is restarted. It had to work accurately and enable work to be carried out efficiently. We required working on the project quickly, as there were time limitations.

Business Solution

Our developers developed an innovative solution with Groovy on Grails technology. For the automatic generation of reports, we integrated the Quartz plug-in to function efficiently. Through the use of this plug-in, a particular job would run at preferred times and it would be automatically mailed to the respective team leaders.

We fulfilled all the client’s requirements and delivered comprehensive bidding software. It enabled the smooth working of the business, attracting more revenue.


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