Innovative Web Solution for a Paperless Office

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  • Creative paperless call sheet that enables to organize efficiently and enhance work objectives
  • Powered by Ruby on Rails for a smart technological advantage
  • This system enables film makers to create and publish call sheets and provide work convenience
  • It has the facility of archiving to personal database for a permanent storage
  • Offers a smart notification alert system and a crew finder

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Business Situation

The client required an innovative web portal that would enable the film and television directors and creative personnel to work efficiently. The portal had to enable the creation and publishing of call sheets for office use. The main goal was to facilitate the production company to create paperless call sheets with precision and ease. The call sheets needs to be easily publishable through email or text message.

They wanted the function of being informed when the call sheet was viewed by the recipients and the related details. This would enable them to function in an effective way and plan future roles.

Business Solution

We delivered a creative solution that met the requirements of the client. The paperless call sheets were designed specifically for filmmakers, photographers and creative personnel. It was created using Ruby on Rails technology for enhanced effect.

The solution enables to publish call sheets with the help of latest technology – email, phone. It generates an instant alert as the call sheet is read and informs the sender. It is possible to store the call sheets in the myCalltime database. It also enables to search for crew members with the view to hire them through myCalltime crew finder.


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