Multi-featured Communication Tool for Swimming Athletes and Various Organizations

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  • This web portal will make much easier now to manage and evaluate swimming performance of many athletes all-together.
  • It has a simple search process which will help colleges and clubs to filter athletes based on their records and performances.
  • With this web tool, athletes can now compare their performance based on many different criteria’s and standards, and can also send their swimming recorded timings along with complete profile to colleges/clubs of their interest.

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Business Situation

The system should facilitate male and female athletes to register in the portal with easy registration process where they can enter, update, and manage all required data for various events. They also wanted set of features that allows users to track events on regular basis, and also check their overall progress over a period of time by comparing with other athletes.

Our client desired a fully dynamic back-end where administrator can easily manage all the activities and standards for athletes as well other users. Also, there was a requirement of having different set of tables and databases for male and female athletes.

Business Solution

We successfully delivered the required enhanced web tool where athletes can easily register, enter all necessary information, and compare the sports results with other registered athletes from different schools or clubs. They can also have a graphical view of their varied swim times with different required standards.

  • Facilitates athletes to update their profile info.
  • Access to different Swimming research centers
  • Helps to analyze complete swim performance
  • Automatically calculates and updates the strength index of athletes
  • Facilitates athletes to fully control their Dashboard


YII Framework

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