Local Snag

A Comprehensive Platform to Facilitate Online Business

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  • Local Snag
  • Local Snag
  • Local Snag


  • Web based platform to enable local businesses to compete with big companies
  • Enables users to have the best shopping experience, shop with the help of shopping cart and payment gateway option.
  • Integrated GPS to locate the nearest store, without any hindrance
  • It has an option of creating profiles for users to avail the facility of coupons and discounts
  • Enables small businesses to leverage this platform for gaining online customers

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Local Snag

Business Situation

The client wanted a comprehensive solution that enabled businesses of all sizes to leverage this platform for gaining more business. Those businesses that don’t have a personal website can utilize this platform to gain global clients and display their products effectively. It has to enable to attract more business and increase the business reach.

Business Solution

We delivered an appropriate solution that fulfilled the client’s requirements. This portal enables business owner to register with Local Snag and open new opportunities for business. There are two types of accounts the user has to select from –Retailers and Consumers.

It is a completely free platform that enables both retailers and shoppers to sign up easily and enjoy the benefits. It has the best navigation and provides an enhanced user- experience. Retailers can develop their own customized URL for a unique touch to their business and starting displaying their products on the website. Shoppers get regular updates on the new stores to facilitate their shopping experience. We have also incorporated a Maps facility for buyers to easily locate the stores for engaging in shopping related activities.

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