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Improving User Experience and Customer Engagement

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  • New, improved frontend interface of the website
  • All information available to the visitors such as products, company, and contact, right from a single page
  • Extensive search functionality enabling visitors to search the parts of his/her specific vehicle
  • The customer can easily select make and then model
  • Improved customer engagement with new interface
  • Enhance website navigation


Business Situation

IND Distribution is a renowned supplier of vehicle parts in Illinois. The client’s site lacked some functionality on the existing site that enables visitors to browse through various car parts. They wanted Softweb to enhance their site so that the visitors can easily find parts of their vehicle according to the make.

Business Solution

Since a website was not attracting new traffic or successfully converting visitors into customers, Softweb improved website’s frontend interface, using a bespoke Magento architecture.

  • A visitor can easily find parts for his/her car
  • All information made available on a single page
  • We made existing site more user-friendly that increases the rate of online sales
  • Feature enhancement in site resulted into the improved customer engagement

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