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  • Online tool to enable users to hold multiple conversation without any hinderance
  • Enables users to increase productivity and provide the best results through team work
  • Allows users to remain connected to work all the time
  • Users can get timely updates and take important decisions through mutual talk

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Business Situation

The client wanted an interactive platform that enables their users to communicate effectively with others through email and social media channels. Users should also be able to create their own groups to remain connected, without sharing it to others. It had to provide complete security to the user’s conversations and provide flexibility in the usage of the website.

They also required a new functionality wherein users could converse in Social Web 2.0 style. It had to be a robust and flexible web application that would enable the client to add features easily in the future.

Business Solution

We delivered a carefully crafted solution that enabled users to communicate on various platforms, to their preferred groups of people. Users can create their accounts easily by filling up a simple form. iKonverse enable users to hold various kinds of conversation with people.

Users can hold multiple talks with different users at a single point of time. The site has a smooth navigation to provide a rich web experience and attract more users. During a conversation, users can shift between their personal profile and professional profiles. user will be capable of managing the basic personal details of their account and the privacy settings. There is also a flexibility to manage the connections and groups according to the user’s desire.

Ruby on Rails

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