Holland LP

Defining a New Way to Communicate and Circulate Information

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  • Joomla based collaborative platform that strengthens the organization’s culture
  • Meets company’s needs for modern inter-company communication
  • An attractive central point of contact for latest news, current statistics, internal memos, frequently used forms, news, blog, forum, employee offers, etc.
  • Streamlines project management and training material updates
  • Real-time communication helps pool knowledge and skills

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Business Situation

Holland LP needed a way to communicate and circulate information more effectively within its own business. Therefore, they desired to develop an Intranet that would engage company’s staff members to stay updated about the company’s news and contribute their own suggestions / views for others to benefit.

Business Solution

Softweb developed a highly collaborative intranet portal that would help company’s employees by providing them with a comprehensive range of powerful collaboration tools that were specifically tailored to meet client’s exact requirements.

  • Intranet portal meets the needs for modern inter-company communication.
  • It enables employees to exchange information easily as per their access rights.
  • Administrator can post the latest news to keep staff well-informed.
  • Portal allows staff members to garner opinions and make announcements through forum.
  • It helps reduce email overload to update staff with recent news.

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