High Range Ranch

Exclusive Web Portal for an Attractive Showcase of Horses

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  • Innovative show of horses, foals, and mares with detailed description of each for better presentation
  • Delivered an innovative website with rich features and varied functionality
  • Smooth navigation to provide a rich experience to visitors and enhance business prospects
  • Comprehensive Content Management Capabilities for efficient site control and smooth operations
  • Highlights the achievements of horses in an attractive fashion for the best presentation


Business Situation

Our client, Highrange Ranch, is a leading provider of show horses for those who enjoy horse competitions in a variety of disciplines at the national level. They wanted Softweb to revamp their already existing website and deliver a new look and feel in order to attract more business opportunities. The website had to include diverse functionality and have a smooth navigation for increased user comfort.

The client intended to showcase their horses and foals in the most attractive way. It had to be developed with rich graphics and captivating designs to increase the user- appeal. We understood the client’s requirements to deliver an effective solution to match their business processes.

Business Solution

Our developers worked closely with the client to fulfill their demands. We delivered an attractive website on the WordPress platform. The website is simple and easy to maintain, it enables the administrators to edit, delete, and add new items as per their preference. The website attractively showcases their entire range of horses for high customer- appeal.

The website includes the best CMS capabilities that enable the managers to control and maintain the site efficiently. The site holds a news station that enables visitors to know the latest happenings on the ranch. We also included a social media channel to enable users to share their ideas with their friends and family.

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