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  • Concierge Preferred
  • Concierge Preferred
  • Concierge Preferred


  • Attractive appearance for a pleasurable web experience
  • OpenX server integration to easily manage and maximize their advertising revenue
  • EVENTS category integration for collecting data from third party websites
  • Theme based search and Neighborhood
  • The idea is to provide insights on travelling that is communicated to visitors through blogs, tweets
  • Enriched search functionality to locate sponsors for different services easily

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Business Situation

The client wanted us to redevelop their website giving a totally fresh look and feel, with added features. It required us to create a search option by which users could find different sponsors for different services. This was a challenging task for us considering the extensive data pertaining to their clients who offered a variety of services.

They also wanted us to integrate OpenX server with their website to strengthen their advertisement strategy. The client requested a category called EVENTS which would bring data in from various third party websites like: and

Business Solution

Analyzing the client’s requirements, we chose Joomla framework to revamp the website and delivered an efficient directory search process where visitors could find different sponsors for various categories.

We integrated OpenX server with Joomla which now enables sponsors to easily publish their advertisements on the client’s platform. With the integration of OpenX server, the client is able to create outstanding reports, manage all aspects of OpenX server from a single web console, and add the desired number of plug-ins to OpenX server.

The solutions we provided have enhanced the brand image of Concierge Preferred by integrating all the information in a visually appealing manner. We have also included WordPress blog which helps the organization in the promotion of their services.


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