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  • Users can easily participate on different bets or even create their own bet easily.
  • It is supported by smartphones and tablet devices and so users can easily perform all the site activities on the move.
  • It allows users to connect with their friends and bet on different interesting issues like technological stuff, sports, etc.
  • The design and overall look of the site is very attractive along with easy navigation which will be useful for our client to get maximum online crowd.

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Business Situation

The basic objective of our client was to deliver the best looking online betting platform to all its visitors.

  • They wanted that their website should be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Yahoo. Also user should be able to login through Facebook account credentials or can create a new account on the site by simple registration process.
  • Also, our client desired a special Admin feature where administrator can create number of open bets categorized on the nature of the bets. Any member of the site can easily participate on these bets created by Admin.
  • The client also desired that this site can be easily accessed by users on their mobile devices to follow/unfollow bets on the move or to quickly like or comment on any particular bet.

Business Solution

Understanding all the requirements of the client, we successfully created an online betting site. We designed the site in such a way that it looks best on smartphones and tablet devices. Also, we included a feature needed by our client wherein admin can create open categorized bets and users can participate on any of them.

Users can login in to this site using their Facebook account or they can simply create a new account. After logging onto the site, users can invite their friends or relatives from different networks easily. In this site, a user can create a new bet and set a due date, set a stake for the winner and the looser of the bet, and can also invite his/her friends to participate. Moreover, they can also participate on bets created by admin if they find any of the topics of their interest.


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