JSF Technology

JSF Web Application Development Services

JavaServer Faces [JSF] is a standard Java technology for building web applications

  • It makes easier for developers to build user interfaces for rich graphic web applications.
  • It follows the Model-View-Controller [MVC] design pattern and provides standard and reusable components for user interfaces.
  • Main benefits include – very simple to manage apps built on it, and easy application development process.

JSF Technology

Features of JSF Technology

Features of JSF Technology

  • UI Development

    JSF technology allows direct binding of UI components to model data. Developers can also use extensive libraries of prebuilt UI components that provide both basic and advanced web functionality.

  • Globalization Tools

    JSF provides tools for globalization of web apps that include supporting currency, numbers, time, and date formatting of UI strings.

  • AJAX Support

    JSF is incorporated with JavaScript library by which simple AJAX Operations can be performed with ease. No additional libraries are required to use AJAX with JSF.

Case Study

Case Study

Mobile based Activity Tracking Application Development for a Leading Water Hauling Services Provider

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