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JavaScript Development

JavaScript is a lightweight scripting programming language that is used to make the web pages highly interactive and appealing.

JavaScript is different from Java. JavaScript code is written within an HTML page, which makes the codes easily visible to the viewers of the page.

  • JavaScript is an object oriented scripting language that runs on the visitor’s web browser
  • It enables to add the level of interactivity that HTML cannot offer
  • Provides multiple features to create powerful web apps

Javascript Web Development



  • Benefits of JavaScript

    JavaScript is used with HTML to make the web pages more vibrant and diverse. A plain HTML web page can only contain text, which makes it boring for the viewers. JavaScript enables to make the web page lively and rich.

    • Perfect tool to add user interactivity
    • It enhances the overall appearance of the web page and makes it attractive
    • It enables to incorporate different page effects like popups, flying text
    • Seamlessly integrates with user plug-ins
    • Client side validation that saves time and improves user-experience
    • It is easy to maintain codes with JavaScript web development and it also contributes to fast development process
  • jQuery Development

    jQuery is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library that has instantly gained popularity due to its various benefits. It is a compact JavaScript Library that makes it easy to navigate a document, create animations and develop Ajax applications. It simplifies the development of web 2.0 applications.

    Features of jQuery are

    • Cross browser compatibility
    • Extensibility through plug-ins
    • CSS manipulation
    • Advanced effects and animations
    • Rich effects and UI widgets
    • Flexible and easy to learn
  • Features of JavaScript

    JavaScript is a feature rich scripting language. It brings plenty of functionality to the web page, and can work incredibly when integrated into the HTML page

    • JavaScript is accepted by all major browsers and provides support for it.
    • It can be used on client-side and also on server side
    • It is simple to learn and use JavaScript
    • It supports object-oriented concepts
    • Provides users more control over the browsers
    • Add unlimited functionality to the web page with JavaScript

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