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Hadoop is a Java based open source framework that supports processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. It is managed by Apache Software Foundation.
Hadoop framework is rapidly evolving and it is being used majorly for building applications involving search engines or advertising. Some big platforms like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo has multiple Hadoop clusters deployed.
We build Big Data Portal using robust features of Hadoop framework and latest big data technologies.

Hadoop Framework

Benefits from Hadoop Framework

  • Flexible and Speedy Framework

    Hadoop offers flexible and secure environment along with speedy development process. With this framework, comprehensive reports can be generated speedily that includes data stored in millions of records.

  • Data Streaming

    Hadoop is basically a Java based framework, but it is possible to write map and reduce apps in languages other than Java with the help of streaming utility.

  • Potential Solutions Development

    With Hadoop framework it is much easier to manage images, videos, and sound files for the enterprises. It also offers advanced search feature to be integrated in enterprise solutions.

Hadoop Consulting Service Offers:

We have an expertise in storing, processing, and managing large big data sets
  • Big Data Portal Development
  • Hadoop Design and Architecture
  • Hadoop Consulting Services
  • Create a Single Portal Window
  • Hadoop Implementation and Support Services
  • Customized Hadoop Development and Deployment

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