Grails Development

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Grails Web Framework

Grails is a highly productive open-source framework, used for building incredible web applications. Based on the Java platform, it provides rich capabilities for app development and it is widely used for building apps with a difference.

  • Grails follows ‘coding by convention’ paradigm
  • Grails Development involves less codes and the complete development work is easy with Grails
  • Enhances the developer’s productivity and enables to complete multiple projects in less time

Grails Development

Key Benefits


Feature-Rich Framework

Grails is a flexible and communicative framework as compared to other technologies. It enables to build highly interactive applications to provide the best results. Grails App Development allows developers to custimize apps as per their development needs


Short Response Time

Grails enables developers to build apps with innovative features and deliver it to clients within a stipulated period of time. This framework facilitates to deliver projects faster, which results into better return on investment.

icon-Cost SavingFramework

Cost Saving Framework

Using Grails can save significant development costs as the use of resources is limited. With a small team of developers, high performance and fully functional applications can be developed based on Groovy designs.


Java Web Technologies

Grails seamlessly integrates with all Java libraries and can be conveniently used where Java is applied. Developers well-versed with Java can easily and effortlessly on Grails and produce amazing results for the clients.


Consistent layout and Structure

All the applications developed on Grails have a standard layout and same structure. It enables to provide a touch of professionalism to the project and also makes it easier to maintain the apps. The framework can be extended through the use of various plugins.


Testing Procedures

Grails provides resources for testing that can easily support any testing framework. Codes can be used again with different Grails applications by restructuring the apps itself. This facilitates the developers to complete the project quickly and efficiently.

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