E-Learning Content Solutions

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E-Learning does not refer to educational institutes but to any business with an interactive solution that engages students, teachers, trainers, employees and collaborators.

E-Learning, also known as virtual learning or online learning is the fundamental process of using online solutions for teaching and learning via the web.

E-learning Solutions market will grow from $56.2 billion to $107 billion by 2015

E-Learning content solutions enable users to learn at their own pace and according to their own convenience. It provides a continuous access to learning tools, which ensures to maintain the interest of the learner.

E-Learning Content Solutions

E-Learning Advantage

E-Learning Advantage

  • Allows users to pace their learning experience
  • Innovative approach that engages users efficiently
  • Save time and effort spent on educational institutions
  • Learn more in less time using E-Learning content solutions


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E-Learning Features

  • Tools for organizing online test, acquiescing coursework,
  • News feeds and announcements
  • Blogs and message boards
  • Interactive multimedia program
  • Multiple learning styles using a variety of distribution methods
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Transportation and associated costs are eliminated
  • Multi language user interface
  • Publishing mechanism


E-Learning solutions

  • Mobile learning solutions

    We excel in developing innovative eLearning solutions on all mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile

  • System maintenance

    We offer innovative ideas to host the eLearning system, manage the servers, and provide the overall system maintenance

  • Game based eLearning

    Learning is fun when accompanied with games. We master in creating world-class game solutions to meet your eLearning requirements

  • Attractive solutions

    Highly interactive solutions provides the best experience to users and facilitates their educational needs

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