Big Data Portal

We design and develop comprehensive big data portals that include rich capabilities of a web-portal along with a flexible back-end system for massive data storage.

What’s the Need?

With rapid growth of unstructured data, it has become necessary for enterprises to re-evaluate their complete approach of data storage and its management.

We utilize Hadoop and Liferay open source frameworks for building effective and customized big data portals.

Big Data Portal Development with MongoDB and Liferay help enterprises capitalize enormous data strategically.

Big Data Portal

No data is too big with Hadoop and Liferay Frameworks

No data is too big with Hadoop and Liferay Frameworks

Apache Hadoop is a well-known and reliable open source framework that effectively supports data-intensive distributed applications. It has initiated a new way of storing and processing the data without utilizing expensive, proprietary hardware and different systems.
Liferay is a leading Java based open source enterprise portal offering sophisticated programming interface to developers.
Hadoop and Liferay are cost-effective and scalable frameworks integrated with streamlined architectures which makes them more attractive and marked one for building big data portals.

Key Benefits from Big Data Portals

  • Advanced way to secure and manage organizational data
  • Useful to gain real data value by bringing complete data together
  • With new data sets available, businesses get new opportunities to capitalize on the data by knowing its financial and competitive benefits
  • Big data portals help enterprises to run timely business processes and operations with immediate availability of the required data
  • Want to know more about the key benefits from Big Data Portals and How different industries have capitalized Big Data

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